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Holistic Practioner

Based in Edinburgh

How can YOU make changes that affect your life from now on?

Our lives are shaped by the experiences we have, the memories we hold and the way that we feel at this moment in time. We are only in control of 2 things, our actions and our thoughts! Our lives have changed, change is the only constant we can rely on, so who makes these changes? We do!

We don't always make the right choices, we don't always say the right things, but if we learn from when things didn't go the way we wanted, then we can make those changes for the future.

In today’s environment we are under a lot of stress, we are put under pressure at work, at home, financially, in relationships, friendships and socially. These affect us in other ways. Learn to take control of your lives, remove the negatives, stay focussed on your goals, learn how to be the better you for you, not for anyone else.

My Holistic approach means that I can use techniques from various areas, like Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and CBT, as well as more directed areas like nutritional and dietary advice, sleep management and relaxation.

I have specialised in working within a specific area, helping in recovery for acquired brain injury, though I work with carers and family members too. Survivors may have issues coping with injury but so do those around them and I understand that.

Using the techniques I have learned and continue to build upon, we can work together to help you find your answers, whether it is dealing with anxiety, anger or negative thoughts, through to motivating yourself or accessing inner confidence, to using focussing techniques to help with work, education or even visualisation for sports. Together, you can find your own answers and goals, and allow yourself to move forward.

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Rogan Grant

Edinburgh Based Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practioner

Rogan Grant uses various therapies that compliment each other when working with clients, he understands that each of us are individual and therefore all therapies and treatments should be bespoke to that person. He has worked within specialised fields, which has given him a greater understanding into the way particular different natural practices can balance one another out. Working throughout the UK with national charities, he has taken his style and created unique manners to utilise person’s strengths do facilitate a healthier future.

“It is more than just fixing a problem” Rogan stated “We need to look at how a person can move onwards and build upon their strengths too”

“The healthier approach is not just what we eat, it is the perspective we carry and our outlook too. Physical health is better understood and we are moving towards understanding mental health, but there is also a balance of the body and the mind. We need to work on both together, and also understand that they benefit each other too. The mind and body is a 2 way street, each compliment each other. That’s why I do more than talking therapies, I understand more about the body and the systems within it, to know how it affects the mind. Just as I know how the mind can effect the body”

Rogan is the Lead Practioner for Positive Inspiration, a registered member of the CNHC - Complimentary & Natural Health Council - regulated by the Professional Standards Agency, A Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation SHF board member and the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR registered superviser.

As a therapist dealing with people at risk and their families, Rogan understands the importance of safety and security and is also registered with Disclosure Scotland, the DBS (For Working within the Borders) and remains on the PVG scheme.

Rogan Grant GQHP MSHF CNHC (Reg)

As a CPD acreditted speaker, Rogan Grant is available to give talks on the benefits of Natural and Complimentary Health, as well as the issues connected with acquired brain injury (ABI) and the mental health connections. Happy to offer specialised group sessions and Q&A for those interested in Stress Management, Sleep Management, Understanding Relaxation and more.

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Edinburgh based Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practioner

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