Rogan Grant

Neuro Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practioner

Based in Edinburgh

Rogan Grant

Edinburgh Based Neuro Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practioner

Be seen in your own home

Sometimes it is easier to just arrange an appointment at your own home. I use several offices around Edinburgh, but sometimes it is just easier to be seen at home. Maybe you're feeling anxious, or time is against you. I bring everything that is needed to your home, office or clinic appointments. Whether it is a talking therapy or hands on, you can be assured of professionalism and personal, bespoke treatments tailored to you.

Rogan Grant GQHP MSHF
Rogan is the Lead Practioner for Positive Inspiration Natural Health CIC, a non profit community interest company that offers suppor to those affected by Acquired Brain Injury, their families, carers and support organisations. A registered member of the CNHC - Complimentary & Natural Health Council - regulated by the Professional Standards Agency, Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation SHF and the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR. As a therapist dealing with people at risk and their families, Rogan understands the importance of safety and security and is also registered with Disclosure Scotland, the DBS (For Working within the Borders) and remains on the PVG scheme.

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Relaxation is the key to a longer and healthier life!

Learning to relax is a skill we seem to have lost, no longer to work mates socialise during breaks and lunch, we are all permanently playing catch up. But what affect does that have on our health? We are as a society on the edges of the Flight or Fight reflex almost permanently. We worry about so much and give ourselves time scales that we are bound to fail in. We need to look at the long term affect of stress. We already know flight or fight raises blood pressure, speeding up the heart and narrowing the blood vessels, directing us towards heart attacks and strokes, we also know that is releases high levels of adrenaline that stimulate the neurons and we think about so much all at once, so we can't focus. The blood pumps into our limbs making us fidget and get agitated. It also releases Cortisol which makes you focus on one thing and makes it difficult to think about anything else, have you ever noticed how sometimes when you lose your temper it could be over something small, but yet you just can't let it go? Thats the Cortisol in your blood stream. These affects have more effects too, the digestive system shuts down, so people struggle to maintain their weight, the immune system shuts down, so people get ill more often, women’s reproductive system too. Many young women struggle to conceive due to work related stress! The kidneys and liver don't work properly, leading to other issues, which need the immune system to cope. It is an ongoing cycle of issues that needs to be dealt with. And now they have discovered that the Tau protein, which is found in those suffering from CTE, is stimulated and released by Cortisol. We are building up to give ourselves a very poor senior lifestyle. Relax, take a moment as often as you can, your health is begging you.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Hypnotherapy uses a light trance, which is like between sleep and awake, where you as a client are fully aware. This is used to help calm the mind and find the answer and solution to issues caused by emotional, habitual or psychological imbalance. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming utilises this state to help the individual project imagery or emotion to a positive result.

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Massage & Relaxation

Whether it is a deep tissue sports massage or a lighter muscle manipulation for stress releif, massage has an incredible affect. It stimulates the blood flow as well as lymph to clear out toxins. Increased blood flow help the whole body and mind and has the bonus effect of releasing dopamine, endorphons and serotonin.

For a hands off approach to relaxation we use breathing and mindfulness exercises to calm the body and mind.

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As an AfN accredited Nutritional adviser, I am aware of the importance of a good diet. Most people know that a healthy diet is helpful, but did you know it affects us mentally too, The wrong diet can alter our chemistry and make us feel depressed, lonely, sad and irritable. Combining therapies gives us the holistic approach to having a healthy lifestyle and in turn a healthier and longer life span.

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